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    How Solar Energy Puts Money Back In Your Pocket


    When you put solar energy to work for your home or business, you get more than just energy independence.  You also have the opportunity to sell power back to your electric company, and to take advantage of SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).


    Turning the Meter Backward 

    When you produce more energy than you need, the power company buys it back from you.  So your meter is capable of turning both forward and backward, depending on your households energy production and usage.  If you are producing more energy than you are using, the meter turns backward. Power companies are required by law to buy any energy that you produce above the needs of your household, and at a fair market rate.

    Taking advantage of this benefit of owning a solar energy system is as simple as receiving a check from your power company instead of a bill.  


    Selling Your Solar Renewable Energy Credits

    In addition to being able to sell your “excess” energy to your power company, you can also sell the SRECs that you earn for all of the clean energy your solar panels produce.  Solar Renewable Energy Credits are just one type of Renewable Energy Credit (REC).  All RECs are sellable commodities, just like sugar or coffee.  They are traded between clean energy producers (like you) and companies that need to offset their carbon footprint.  

    Here’s how it works:  You’ve got a solar energy system that produces 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.  Since you earn 1 SREC for every 1,000 kWh you produce, you are earning 1 SREC per month.  In order to sell your SRECs, you register your system with your state and a broker that will find you buyers and obtain the best market price for your credits.

    Over in Kentucky, a company that produces sticky paper wants to make a commitment to being a green, environmentally friendly company.  But they don’t have the funds to throw away all their non-green machinery and equipment and start over from scratch.  Their best option is to purchase RECs equivalent to the amount of power they use from non-green sources so that they can support producers of clean energy and “cancel out” their carbon footprint.

    The broker you chose to sell your SRECs for you handles all the pricing and dealing with potential buyers.  The Sticky Paper Company approaches that broker, and purchases your SRECs.  And, voila:  you get a check!  

    Essentially, you are getting paid twice:  once by selling the SRECs that your system earns just by producing clean power, and a second time by your power company (if you produce more power than your household consumes).  

    When you invest in a Solar Energy system with JTF Renewable Design & Build, we can help you choose a configuration that will meet not only your energy needs — but your goals as well.